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A New Low – Michelle Obama’s Fundraising Tactics

Lay low on Michelle Obama? Not me. She is out there as fair game — vocal, and as adamantly pro-abortion as her husband.

There is not enough space in this blog to list the numerous ways in which the Barack half of the team supports abortion. Now, it comes to light that the Michelle wing of the dangerous duo thinks money can be made on the backs of unborn children.

In 2004, Michelle penned (or at least signed) a fundraising letter for Barack’s U.S. Senate bid defending, unbelievably, the partial-birth abortion procedure which she called “legitimate” medicine. My whole being approaches sheer hysteria at the thought of a three-day procedure being called “legitimate” which allows a baby almost completely delivered from the mother’s body to be stabbed and have his/her brains sucked out”

Give us bucks and we’ll make sure this travesty continues, Michelle concludes. Is this what defines hope and opportunity for America? Most Americans think not.

Barbara Lyons

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