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Thank You Governor Pawlenty!

Great news from Minnesota! Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill which would have legalized human cloning and forced taxpayers to pay for the destruction of human life. Since the legislative session has ended, pro-cloning legislators won’t be able to attempt to override the veto.

Pawlenty said the legislation was “crossing ethical and moral boundaries” and cited the promising progress being made with adult stem cells, which does not involve the destruction of human life.

Pawlenty is strongly pro-research and wants to see major diseases and afflications eradicated just as much as human cloning advocates do. But he draws the line at the kind of research the requires the destruction of human life. On this issue Pawlenty is a rarity among politicians.

Here in Wisconsin, our own governor supports virtually any kind of research that will bring “economic development” to our state. It doesn’t matter to Jim Doyle whether the research involves the destruction of human life or whether the research has been shown to be effective. Whatever will bring money to the state is Doyle’s bottom line.

Tim Pawlenty deserves our thanks for swimming against the tide to promote ethical and promising research that has been used to beneficially treat humans with 73 diseases.


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