Bodies of Aborted Babies Used to Heat Hospitals in UK

The headline is beyond imagining, yet the story is oh so real.  Channel 4 Dispatches in the UK reports that ten hospitals confessed to burning the corpses of aborted babies with other hospital rubbish.

“Ten NHS (National Health Service) trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat,”  reported Sarah Knapton, a Science Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.   “The Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr. Dan Poulter branded ‘totally unacceptable.'”

Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, “incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at their own ‘waste to energy’ plant.  The mothers were told the remains had been ‘cremated,'” Knapton reported.  “Another ‘waste to energy’ facility at Ipswich Hospital, operated by a private contractor, incinerated 1,101 foetal remains between 2011 and 2013.”

I find it difficult to add more to this horrendous story and will allow the despicable facts to speak for themselves.

Barbara Lyons

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