WRTL PAC Paves the Way for National Effort to Support Pro-Life Ted Cruz

“Wisconsin Right to Life’s Political Action Committee is overjoyed by Ted Cruz’s victory last night,” stated Chelsea Shields, PAC Director for Wisconsin Right to Life, “And we are equally happy to hear other National Right to Life state affiliates will be following in our footsteps for the rest of this presidential primary to support the only pro-life candidate who can win the Republican nomination and beat Hillary Clinton: Ted Cruz.”

Meeting in Arlington, Virginia, the National Right to Life Board of Directors Saturday voted to support Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the upcoming presidential primaries, starting with Wisconsin’s. In the week preceding the Board’s vote, Donald Trump said on Wednesday that were abortion made illegal, he would “punish” women who decided to abort. He later that same day retracted this statement. Then, on Friday, Trump said on a “Face the Nation” interview that, “at this moment, the [abortion] laws are set and I think we have to leave it that way.” Trump’s campaign later retracted that statement as well. An average of seven national political polls show Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by 11.2%, while Ted Cruz trails Clinton by 3%.

“Wisconsin Right to Life was a national influence in this primary election because we know pro-life voters help push pro-life candidates past the finish line,” continued Shields. “We are happy other National Right to Life state affiliates are following our lead to support Ted Cruz and make a difference for life in this election.”


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