Wisconsin Right to Life Response to Governor Evers’ “Healthy Women, Healthy Babies” Initiatives

“We agree, Governor Evers, we can’t have healthy communities without healthy women and babies. And the first step in ensuring they are safe and healthy is to guarantee Planned Parenthood is not involved in the destruction of lives through abortion across our great state,” shared Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“It is a crying shame that Governor Evers has Tonya Atkinson, the President & CEO of Planned Parenthood, on his Health Policy Advisory Council and included in his current initiative; the abortion giant is set to get even more of your taxpayer dollars. It looks like Planned Parenthood will have a steady stream of taxpayer revenue with the Evers’ Administration.

“I would like to help you connect the dots, Governor Evers. It is impossible to have healthy babies when Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in our country and state. For children to have healthy beginnings, we must allow them to be born.

“Wisconsin Right to Life will continue to work to ensure that the Title X changes that were passed into law are followed and that women and babies truly are served in Wisconsin. There are federally-qualified health centers throughout our state which are better suited to provide women the full realm of healthcare as well as care for their unborn children than any of the 21 Planned Parenthood facilities in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin Right to Life is the state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, founded in September 1968, to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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