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Wisconsin Right to Life’s Response to Attorney General Josh Kaul’s Request to Drop the Multi-State Lawsuit against Title X Rule

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul is expected to seek permission later this week from the Legislature’s budget committee to drop the multistate lawsuit against the Trump administration’s Title X rule.

In 2019, Wisconsin joined twenty other states in suing the administration over a rule banning tax-payer funded family planning clinics from referring patients for abortions. Now that the Biden administration has promised to undo the Title X rule by the end of the year, states are seeking to dismiss the lawsuit.

“We were deeply troubled by Attorney General Kaul’s 2019 action to challenge the pro-life law that banned taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers; and now are further saddened to see the Biden administration undo this protective law,” shared Gracie Skogman, legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “This is yet another example of the Attorney General supporting the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, at the expense of supporting the families and unborn children in the state of Wisconsin.”

Before the 2019 Title X Rule was established, Planned Parenthood served 87 percent of Title X patients in Wisconsin.[1] The return of Title X funding to Planned Parenthood will ensure that, once again, tax-payer dollars will be funneled directly to the country’s largest abortion provider, and the families of Wisconsin will not be given the proper resources and support they need to care for their families and unborn children.




Media Contact: Heather Weininger



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