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The Very Human, Private Side of John McCain

I heard Karl Rove speak last week and he related an incident that speaks volumes about the humanity and character of Senator John McCain. Rove said McCain is a very private person, perhaps to a fault. Rove then told a…

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Planned Parenthood Rewards Obama With Its Endorsement

Lest we forget just how pro-abortion Barack Obama really is, the nation's largest abortion provider reminds us once again. On Monday, Planned Parenthood issued a glowing endorsement of Obama ... citing, among other things, his perfect pro-abortion voting record. In…

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California Euthanasia Bill Still a Bad One

Last week we blogged about opponents of a California bill promoting assisted suicide and euthanasia dropping their opposition to the measure because the objectionable provisions had been removed. Well, not so fast! interviewed Brian Johnson of the California Pro-Life…

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Wisconsin Abortion Numbers Continue to Plummet!

Mark this down. In 2007, 1,313 fewer babies were killed by abortion than in 2006. There were 8,267 abortions performed in 2007 as compared to 9,580 in 2006. That is a 14% decrease. By using a multi-faceted approach to abortion…

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Will Evangelical Voters Support Obama?

A daily struggle is being waged for the hearts and souls of evangelical voters who have become a very significant voting block in recent elections. Here is how the argument goes for Obama supporters: Obama will receive a significant share…

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