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An Ominous Trend

The tiny country of Luxembourg has legalized euthanasia, following in the footsteps of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Although Luxembourg is not a major European country, any trend in this wrong direction is significant for other countries in Europe. Great Britain defeated an effort to legalize assisted suicide almost two years ago but the issue is still boiling there. Scotland is considering legalization.

The Netherlands has the longest-running euthanasia regime. The slippery slope has advanced so far that this country now has guidelines that allow the killing of newborn infants with disabilities, such as spina bifida. Their justification is to allow parents to have career choices. They even rationalize that by allowing the baby to be born, evaluated, and then killed reduces the number of abortions.

The United States is not immune to this ominous trend. Largely ignored by the media, attempts to legalize assisted suicide were defeated in 2007 in Hawaii, Vermont and California. In 2008, an initiative has begun in Washington to garner enough signatures for a November 4 ballot measure to legalize assisted suicide in that state. And, a motion has been filed in a Montana court attempting to override its state law specifically prohibiting assisted suicide by finding a right to die in the state constitution.

Wisconsin Right to Life has played a leadership role over the past six years in facilitating information and strategies to fight these battles in the U.S. Currently, Wisconsin Right to Life is the U.S. representative for an international coalition against assisted suicide.


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