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There Are No Words to Describe Obama

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In 2004, our state legislature passed the Wisconsin Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation that requires hospitals to provide appropriate medical care to babies who are born alive after an abortion attempt. The legislation passed unanimously in the Assembly and by a vote of 31 to 1 in the State Senate. It was signed into law by pro-abortion Gov. Jim Doyle.

When the legislation was first introduced, pro-abortion organizations and their allies in the legislature tried to come up with a rationale to oppose it. But they couldn’t come up with one single argument that didn’t make them look like complete monsters. After all, these are living, breathing babies who are completely delivered from their mothers and have taken their first breath. . . making them “legal persons” under Wisconsin law.

Then when medical professionals testified how these tiny abortion survivors are often treated in our nation’s hospitals (thrown in the garbage or left on shelves in supply rooms until they die), some of the most ardent pro-abortion lawmakers were actually moved by what they heard and realized the issue was no longer abortion, it was infanticide.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama heard the same kind of gripping testimony while serving in the Illinois legislature but he voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. . . twice! And then in 2003 as Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, he prevented the bill from advancing to the floor for a vote by the full senate.

There are no words.


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