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Gableman Victory Oh So Sweet!

Against enormous odds, a little-known judge from a tiny town in northern Wisconsin will now sit on the State Supreme Court for the next ten years. Gableman made no promises about issues or cases, as is fitting a judicial candidate. His philosophy is what won the day. Gableman clearly understands and embraces fully the role of a judge to interpret, not make, law. And, the public now clearly understands that some judges run rampant once elected or appointed and attempt to substitute their “wisdom” for that of the people who work to enact laws through the legislature. The legislative, not the judicial, process is true democracy as envisioned by our nation’s founders.

The lesson of this judicial race and others to come is that the people are now very savvy about judges and the importance of judicial races. It was interesting to hear Gableman’s opponent and other judicial candidates fall all over themselves in attempts to portray themselves as judicial conservatives – when their decisions on prior cases indicate they are not.

Wisconsin Right to Life is very proud of our efforts in this race. Again, Gableman made no promises. But, our Wisconsin laws protecting unborn children from abortion and older people from assisted suicide seem ever so much safer today.


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