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40 Years of Defending Life

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How many organizations have as its goal to put itself out of work? That’s exactly the goal we at Wisconsin Right to Life are striving for.

Imagine a world where every member of the human family, born and unborn, is valued and welcomed into society regardless of their age, their mental or physical capacity, or their socio-economic status. That is the kind of world we pray and strive for… a world in which there is no need for a right-to-life movement.

That vision, unfortunately, is a long way off. As as we have done for the past 40 years, Wisconsin Right to Life will continue on into the future to advocate for the most vulnerable members of society.

This Thursday, Wisconsin Right to Life will be celebrating 40 years of life saving work at our annual Gala at the Midwest Airline Center with Fred Barnes, Charlie Sykes, Steve True, dozens of public officials, dignitaries and over 700 dedicated supporters of our great cause.

We will re-dedicate ourselves to the cause we so deeply believe in and we will do it with joy and a sense of purpose. Yes, at times we do get discouraged as we see life devalued at virtually every stage of development by certain segments of society. But that discouragement is fleeting because we know that the work we have done over the years has saved over 75,000 Wisconsin children. Wisconsin abortions are at their lowest number in 30 years and the abortion rate is 1/3 of the national rate.

The right-to-life laws that have been enacted, the educational programs (most notably the television outreach of our Veritas Society), our wonderful chapters in every county, the tremendous members and supporters of Wisconsin Right to Life and our exceptional grassroots network have all contributed to lives being saved!

There is much to be grateful for yet so much more to do! With God’s grace, let us go forward into the future with hope and determination to create a world where the right-to-life movement is no longer necessary.

Sue Armacost

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