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Planned Parenthood Pads Its Bottom Line

Here we are, talking about the ogre called Planned Parenthood again. Two interesting tidbits came to our attention recently revolving around PP’s hunger for dollars to expand its $1 billion business empire.

You may have heard about a UCLA student newspaper which reported that an actor posing as a racist donor called several Planned Parenthood clinics asking to make a donation to be specifically used to abort African American babies because he thought there were too many black people in the world. According to the newspaper, the person at Ohio Planned Parenthood who took the call said that PP “will accept the money for whatever reason” This incident wound up on national talk shows. Finally, Ohio PP is talking about it, stating the call was a sham and that the recording of the conversation left out the part where the PP person said the money would be used for black women in need. Here’s the opportunist part of the story — PP still accepted the money.

In Arizona, PP has a nurse practitioner who has been performing abortions for eight years. That’s right — not a doctor, but a nurse practitioner. So much for the infamous pro-abort argument that an abortion is between a woman and her doctor. And, so much for women’s safety. The Arizona House has passed a bill to bar anyone but a physician from performing abortions. Action now awaits in the Senate but the pro-abort governor is expected to veto the measure with PP’s blessing as it defends this practice.

More for PP’s bottom line — accept donations for any purpose whatsoever, even racist ones, and hire less expensive, less highly trained people to perform abortions. Profit-mongering at its finest.


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