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Tebow Commercial Creates Frenzy in Pro-Abortion Ranks

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The most-watched ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl is bound to be the Pam and Tim Tebow ad. Kudos to the pro-abortion individuals and groups who are trying desperately to convince America that this wholesome, heartfelt personal story is somehow akin to showing a beating on national television. All they are doing is piquing interest in the ad and revealing how pro-abortion and anti-choice they actually are.

How Pam Tebow’s story of refusing to abort her son while facing a serious health problem is a death blow to Roe v. Wade leaves people scratching their heads. America gets it, and groups like NOW fail to understand that they can no longer buffalo the American public into embracing their skewed views. Apparently the Gallup poll of last May showing that a majority of Americans now self-identity as pro-life was seen by them as an aberration. Even one of their staunchest allies, the New York Times, supports CBS in airing the ad.

Special thanks to Pam and Tim Tebow for putting their beliefs on the line by being a part of this historic commercial. Can’t wait to see it!

Barbara Lyons

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