Kudos to Knights for Life!

Last night I was able to attend one of St. Norbert Knights for Life’s events as a part of a week of activities to promote a culture of life on campus. There are not enough congratulations I can give to Knights for Life for hosting such an incredible Pro-Life Week, and I am so happy I was able to enjoy just one part of it.

The speaker at last night’s event was Serrin Foster, Feminists for Life President, and a great counter for the pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem who spoke on their campus last week. Foster emphasized that abortion hasn’t in any way helped women, but instead has only hurt them. If one wants real and true feminism, it should be based on the principles of non-violence, non-discrimination and justice for all – so that no woman will ever have to choose between her schooling and career, or her child. For, as Foster pointed out, abortion is a reflection that we have not adequately met the needs of women.

There was a packed room at St. Norbert College and I think that says a lot about the passion of that community for the right to life, and the outrage they feel at the mere fact that a Catholic college would invite a speaker who so flagrantly goes against the Church’s teachings on the right to life.

Personally, as a member of the Diocese of Green Bay, I was outraged when I learned of the decision to allow Steinem to speak at St. Norbert College.  Especially when I heard that that the Catholic college continued with the decision to let Steinem speak, after Bishop Ricken made clear his opposition, and petitions were circulated and signed by St. Norbert students, alumni and parents.

Kudos to the Knights for Life who put on a full week of pro-life events, despite St. Norbert’s unfortunate decision to invite a stalwart pro-abortion advocate to speak on campus. The students’ efforts, from a vigil, to other speaking events, and even pro-life chalking around campus, fully paid off in educating their peers and standing up against a culture which diminishes the rights of both women and their unborn children.

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