Respect Life Month at Wisconsin Right to Life

Each year in October, Wisconsin Right to Life celebrates Respect Life Month. Born out of the Catholic Church, Respect Life Month is a time for individuals of all denominations to come together in order to commemorate the most vulnerable in our society. We observe this month in varying ways each calendar year, but this year, we are marking the occasion by announcing some new changes at Wisconsin Right to Life as well as participating in traditional activities that have been done for many years.  

On October 1st, we officially opened an office location in Madison, our state’s capital. The majority of our state staff will still primarily use our Milwaukee office for day-to-day operations, but Kristen Nupson, our Legislative Director, has moved into the new Madison office. Just a few blocks away from the capitol building, this location provides us a great opportunity to have a physical footprint in the pro-life work we do legislatively and politically. We are excited to have a space so close to the capitol to host meetings, expand our network, and spread the mission of Wisconsin Right to Life.  

This year, we also moved our annual State Conference to October. This weekend (October 12-13), we will gather with our chapter leaders, members, and volunteers to learn about each other’s efforts over the last year and do some training on pro-life apologetics and politics. The staff looks forward to this weekend each year because it is a great time to connect with everyone involved in the efforts of Wisconsin Right to Life. It truly takes a team to change hearts and minds on the issue of abortion and we are so thankful for the roles that each of you play!  

One of the most important things we can do in the pro-life movement is train and equip young people to share our message. This year at the State Conference, we are also hosting college training seminars. Students attending will learn about life, strategy, campus organization, and much more. Our student groups represent us on diverse campuses all across the state; this training gives them the tools they need to develop pro-life support in their student bodies. 

Finally, although certainly not new news, many of our chapters took the time to participate in National Life Chain Sunday on October 6th. As part of Respect Life Month, individuals from communities nationwide line the streets with signs and banners that support life. It is a peaceful way of communicating the pro-life message while honoring the lives that have been lost to abortion. 

We hope that you will find a way to commemorate Respect Life Month this year. We are so thankful to be standing alongside you as we build a culture of life together.  

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