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Kill the Lies, Not the Child

It’s Time to be Bold

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47 years ago, the rights of the unborn were horrifically stripped away.  

On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that a woman’s “right to privacy” prevails over the right to life, allowing abortion to stain our communities and country.  

Although some stand behind Roe v. Wade, others of us work each day to challenge the idea that it is decided law. For 47 years, pro-life advocates have been fighting to ensure those who have no voice are heard. We fight so the unborn can have a lawfully recognized right to life.  

On the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that has allowed the loss of over 60 million innocent lives, I want to share with you our Wisconsin Right to Life theme for 2020:  

Kill the Lies, Not the Child. 

Yes, this theme is bold. It is much bolder than we have been in recent years and you may be wondering why we are using such an approach.  

For me, there is an easy answer: we must be bold. We must be bolder than ever before to confront those who think healthcare includes killing our unborn children. We must be bold to proclaim that a child who survives a failed abortion attempt deserves help to live. 

For far too many years, we have watched as the abortion industry has told women lie after lie about why they need to kill their unborn child. 

Women have been told that their child is just a clump of cells; that their child will be an inconvenience for them as they earn their high school diploma or college degree; that it is better to kill their child than bring them up in an impoverished environment; that their child will die anyway, so it is better to kill them now. 

The abortion industry has been using these lies to profit from the death of children for 47 years.  

This year, Wisconsin Right to Life is boldly exposing the lies of the abortion industry and sharing the truth about what it means to kill the lies and not the child

As a mom of four little ones, I want my children to know the difference between truth and lies. I want them to know that all life is precious and worthy of protection. And I want them to know it is horribly wrong when the profit-motivated abortion industry lies to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  

It is my hope that by working together, we can put an end to the culture of death and lies. Please, join us in 2020 as we work to Kill the Lies, Not the Child

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