Governor Evers Vetoes Pro-Life Legislation

“We now know that Governor Evers cares more about the abortion industry than women and babies in Wisconsin,” stated Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. 

“Just 24 hours after receiving the bills, and late on a Friday afternoon, Governor Evers ensured that women in Wisconsin won’t receive relevant information when seeking an abortion; babies who are born alive after failed abortion attempts won’t receive care; and unborn children will continue to face discrimination in the womb based on race, gender, or disability diagnosis.    

“Since he decided to sign these on a Friday afternoon, it leads us to wonder if he is trying to hide his veto, or if he values life so little that he doesn’t think it is important for the people in Wisconsin to know what is at stake. 

“I want to assure Governor Evers that this is not the last time these issues will come up while he is governor. We will continue to keep this conversation going, even if he is not willing.” 

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