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Governor Evers Appoints Former Planned Parenthood Executive to Dane County Court

Governor Evers announced his appointment of current Democratic state Representative Chris Taylor to the Dane County Circuit Court. She will replace outgoing Jill Karofsky, who recently won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court bench against incumbent Justice Dan Kelly.

Taylor announced earlier this spring her intention not to run for reelection to the Legislature. Before serving in the state Assembly, Chris Taylor was the public policy director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Kristen Nupson, legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life, shares, “Just when we thought the Dane County Circuit Court could not get any more liberal, Governor Evers appoints one of the most liberal elected officials our state has ever seen. Chris Taylor has spent her career finding ways to advocate for a culture of death. Her support of killing the most vulnerable has been unwavering. She has publicly supported Roe v. Wade and has stated she wants to enshrine the right to abortion into state law.”

We are disappointed Governor Evers thought that she would be an acceptable judicial appointment. Judges should be just and impartial as they interpret the law. We cannot expect someone who has spent almost two decades defending abortion and other radical policies to interpret law impartially. Chris Taylor is too extreme for Wisconsin and too liberal for even Dane County.”

Taylor will begin on August 1 when Jill Karofsky moves to the Supreme Court.


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