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Heal Without Harm Coalition Statement on Speaker Vos’s Plan to Include Abortion Referendum on Future Ballot

For over 400 days, we were successful in saving lives in Wisconsin. Now, abortion has returned. We need to work harder than ever to change the culture in Wisconsin so that all come to understand the humanity of preborn children and the needs of pregnant and parenting women.

In response to Speaker Vos’s comments on a possible abortion referendum in Wisconsin:

The Heal Without Harm Coalition has not seen what the proposed referendum language looks like. But the Coalition stands firm in its defense of the legitimacy of Wis. Stat. 940.04 and it will oppose a referendum bill that cedes the lives of preborn children.

Every human life is worthy of protection, from conception to natural death.

We also know that every day there are women in Wisconsin facing an unplanned pregnancy. It’s our job as pro-life organizations to ensure they know there are resources available to help them through their pregnancy and the years to come.

The Heal Without Harm Coalition will continue to work to address the real-life situations of those who encounter challenges in pregnancy. We will continue to educate the people of Wisconsin about the alternatives to abortion and the help and resources available to women, children, and families.

Being pro-life is more than being against abortion. We call on Speaker Vos and the Assembly to pass AB 114 extending postpartum care to a year after birth, AB 343 increasing the tax exemption for dependents and including preborn children, AB 344 funding for pregnancy resource centers, and AB 336 creating grants to support adoption. All five bills have already passed the Senate.

Let us work together to make Wisconsin a place where all women, children, and families can flourish.


Media Contacts:
Wisconsin Right to Life: Gracie Skogman,; (414) 308-1054
Wisconsin Family Action: Julaine Appling,; (608) 268-5074
Pro-Life Wisconsin: Matt Sande,; (262) 352-0890
Wisconsin Catholic Conference: Tia Izzia,; (608) 673-4106

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