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Abortion Bad for Women’s Health

We found these recent comments from Gary Bauer at American Values worth sharing with you... In Great Britain recently, Emma Beck, a talented young artist, committed suicide after aborting her twins. A suicide note she left behind read: "I should…

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Bill to Repeal 940.04 is Dead!

The 2007-08 legislative session is over and Wisconsin's abortion ban - s. 940.04 - is still on the lawbooks! In spite of the efforts of pro-abortion organizations and their allies in the legislature, we prevailed - together! The bill to…

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Spitzer the Most Ardent Pro-Abortionist

The right-to-life movement is not sorry to see Governor Eliot Spitzer leave public office. He is well-known as a zealot prosecutor, but few outside of New York know the zeal with which he pushed his pro-abortion views. Unborn children were…

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Should Wisconsin Taxpayers Pay for Everyone’s Abortions?

Healthy Wisconsin, the state senate Democratic Party universal health care plan, has been resurrected in the waning days of this legislative session. Many object to Healthy Wisconsin because of its cost. Wisconsin Right to Life has argued vigorously that Healthy…

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