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Wisconsin’s Abortion Numbers Increase

Earlier today, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services released their Induced Abortions report for 2018. The report showed that the number of abortions has increased 7 percent since 2017.

“6,224 lives were lost to abortion during 2018 right here in our backyard. We are disappointed by the increased number, but we are not surprised. In early 2018, Planned Parenthood opened a facility in Sheboygan that performs only chemical abortions, not surgical. The abortion industry’s horrifying trend of promoting medically-induced abortions is reflected in the data through these increased numbers,” shares Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative director, Kristen Nupson.

In 2017, there were 1,200 chemical abortions. In 2018, this report indicates that there were 1,739, an increase of 539 abortions. The number of surgical abortions actually decreased.

Nupson adds, “Wisconsin Right to Life will continue to work tirelessly to educate women on the horrors of chemical abortions. Women have a right to know about the procedure and its consequences.  For abortion facilities, chemical abortions are not a means of “providing healthcare.” Chemical abortions are a means of preying on women and their unborn babies to earn profit.”

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